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One of the Safest Places to Shop on the Internet

Aug 30, 2008
"BigCrayon.comŽ also seamlessly connects schools, churches, and charities with hundreds of community-minded merchants."

BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI -- Unique Concept Earns Registered Trademark. People are already using the products and services, so you do not need to change their buying habits. You simply show them the advantages of buying direct from their own online shopping club. All without membership fees.

People continue to use the same products and services that they would normally use, but now they are customers of our family safe shopping club helping causes with every purchase. Registered causes are paid month after month for as long as volunteer shoppers buy from the club. The most appealing aspect of our shopping club is the recurring nature of this simple concept. We have more return customers than virtually any other site of it's kind.

Customers keep buying from our club month after month because they know someone is overseeing the site content and they help their favorite school, church or charity each time they buy. We remove the hassles associated with searching the internet for shopping deals or family safe activities for the children. This means, no more pop-ups, pop-under, or inappropriate content hitting our families. also seamlessly connects schools, churches, and charities with hundreds of community-minded merchants. The result is a simple, flexible, and effective and easy-to-run fund-raising. Their new "Pass Forward" program to help schools, churches and charities generate additional fund raising while learning to market better. The result was a hassle-free program that generates on-going, non-designated funding that never has to stop. When schools, churches and charities enroll in our program, their volunteers and online supporters shop at hundreds double certified merchants and convert everyday purchases to cash-back contributions.

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