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A Media Buying Service For Clients With Direct Response Products

Apr 02, 2008

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Ventura Marketing, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of their new media buying service that provides the capability to buy and place media for clients who have direct response products.  They have the immediate funds to buy television, cable, radio and online media.

Ventura Marketing is seeking clients who have completed a media test with at least a 1.8 MER (Media Earnings Ratio). Upon approval, Ventura Marketing is prepared to provide 100% of the media funding requested by clients.  Ventura Marketing provides the experience and know-how to negotiate rates, search for special opportunities for added value and handle all billing and invoicing transactions.

"Our goal at Ventura is to be an all encompassing marketing agency to fulfill all of our client's needs" says Brenda Wunsch, CEO of Ventura Marketing, Inc. "Supplying the funds for those clients with direct response products is one more solution we now have that not only enhances our services but gives our clients more ways to build their business."

Ventura Marketing, Inc. recently released another product that helps clients who have online shopping carts reclaim lost transactions. The Nu- Revenue E-commerce Technology Program re-markets to lost customers that did not complete the purchasing process. 

In addition to these new products, Ventura provides web-marketing solutions, branding, design, media and production services to small and mid-size businesses, non-profits, start-ups and large enterprises.

"We are constantly evolving and adding services so that our clients are better served.  We want to see our clients succeed in business, big or small, so we need to stay on top of and provide what will help businesses thrive in our fluctuating economy," says President of Ventura Marketing, Inc., Kaiko Johnson.

For more information on these products or Ventura Marketing's services, please visit or email questions or comments to

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