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New Device Drastically Increases Gas Mileage in Motor Vehicles

Mar 08, 2009

CLIFTON, NJ -- The Hydro-Genie, as it is called by inventor Timothy Simmons, (currently patent pending), is a self-powered electrolysis device capable of generating substantial amounts of Hydrogen and Oxygen for use as a secondary fuel source for existing motor vehicles.

The unit is mounted to the rear bumper of a motor vehicle. Using specially designed alternators, the Hydro-Genie can supply hundreds of amperes of electrical power to the electrolysis tank. The resulting Hydrogen and Oxygen gases are then fed into the vehicle's air intake system. The Hydro-Genie can be designed using 2, 4, 6 or even 8 alternators to accommodate any size vehicle (engine) and different amounts of MPG increases.

Early prototypes have shown that the Hydro-Genie has the potential of increasing gas economy by as much as 1000%. One prototype increased the gas mileage of a minivan from 15 mpg to 107 mpg.

It is estimated that the Hydro-Genie has the potential of saving the United States billions of gallons of gasoline every year. Also, estimates in the reduction of CO2 emissions, in the US alone, are in the 100s of millions of tons annually.

Timothy Simmons has an extensive background in automotive technology and electronics. He currently holds a patent on an automotive tool he developed which is sold world-wide. He has stated that, "We all need to take a part in saving our planet. I hope the Hydro-Genie can be my part".

The inventor estimates that the product will be on the market by 2010. Initial units are expected to be sold to delivery vehicles and trucking type companies. The selling price is estimated to be as low as $399 up to $999 for larger units and can be installed, by experienced mechanics, in less than an hour.

1st test - 23 mpg - gained 8 mpg - 08/2008
2nd test - 43 mpg - gained 28 mpg - 09/2008
3rd test - 67 mpg - gained 52 mpg -10/2008
4th test - 87 mpg - gained 72 mpg - 11/2008
5th test - 107 mpg - gained 92 mpg - 01/2009

For additional information please contact Timothy Simmons at 973-396-7316.

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