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The World's Largest Heart Shaped Pink Emerald - The Ultimate Valentine Gift

Jan 21, 2008
"If a carat or more says, "I love you", then what do 169.01 carats say?"

NEW YORK -- The Pink Emerald Company, LLC (, the leading retailer of Pink Emeralds announced today the offering for sale of an extremely rare and important precious gemstone, the "World's Largest Heart Shaped Pink Emerald" weighing 169.01 carats which was found and mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This world class, one of a kind precious gemstone known affectionately as "The Pink Sweetheart", could be the ultimate Valentine's Day gift extraordinaire and become some lucky girl's new best friend with a guarantee to make her heart flutter.

This exquisite gemstone, the size of a baby's fist, has been graded by a certified graduate gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the most respected gemstone grading laboratory in the world and was cut and faceted by famed master gemstone carver Volker Wild in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, the leading gem cutting center of Europe. Priced to sell at $2,500,000, this glamorous jewel is currently being shown by appointment only to qualified and discerning purchasers.

About Pink Emeralds
Pink Emeralds of investment grade are extremely beautiful, scarce and are seldom offered for sale to the general public. Emeralds are frequently thought only to be found GREEN in color. This is not so. Rare precious gemstones of this extraordinary quality are usually available exclusively in gem collections of museums, private dealers and international gemstone connoisseurs. Pink Emeralds are approximately 25,000 times rarer than green emeralds, 40,000 times rarer than rubies and sapphires and 125,000 times rarer than diamonds. There is probably only one Pink Emerald faceted on the planet for every 125,000 diamonds that have been mined. There are currently no working mines anywhere on earth that are still producing Pink Emeralds of fine jewelry grade quality, adding to their rarity and investment value.

About The Pink Emerald Company
The Pink Emerald Company is a world leader in precious Pink Emeralds and related fine jewelry sales, located on the web at The company provides one of the world's finest collections of "one-of-a-kind" gemstones and classically styled jewelry selected according to the highest standards of beauty, quality, and value. Cleanly designed and easy to navigate, the web site offers the in-depth education necessary to make informed online Pink Emerald purchases with confidence. The Pink Emerald Company is privately held, family owned and operated by one of the leading, most prestigious family names of the gemstone and jewelry industries that has been proudly making fine jewelry, mining, cutting gemstones and offering world class gemstones for sale in the United States since 1926.

Press Contact
The company can be reached by leaving a message at 1 800-833-GEMS or from outside the United States at 1 828-264-2793. This is a security precaution and all inquires will be promptly and confidentially returned. Photos are available upon request and inquires should be directed to Dr. Theodore Hens, Director Sales and Marketing.

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