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Michelangelo Lopez Makes Florida and National Waves

Nov 09, 2007

NEW YORK , NEW YORK -- From 20 students on a teleconference call to over 600, Michelangelo Lopez has made an  impact on the Internet... Not only has he been successful in more than just one opportunity but he has created Internet Marketing into a science.

Nobody can truly do what he can do...

Internet Marketers are joining his school at about a rate of 10-13 a day.

Here's what students are saying about the UOIS: 

"Michelangelo's school Rocks."  Tammi H.

"I learned more in just one day in Michelangelo's school than I have in all my past,"  Joe Z.

And the students do praise this Internet Marketing Preacher's kid.

Here's his top 3 suggestions if you are considering an online business:

1) Brand Youreself only

2)  Set a system that is automatic

3) Find something that you can do that nobody can do.

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