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NEXGEN Leads Rebuilds Telemarketing Business Services

Oct 10, 2011

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA -- NEXGEN Leads, a Next Generation Thinking and Next Generation Business leader in providing hot, qualified telemarketing leads to U.S. based companies, is rebuilding its services toward increased product quality and business partner relations.

Acknowledging an initial failed campaign in Consumer Unsecured Debt Settlement, NEXGEN Leads built a significant workforce and profitability producing Automotive Warranty Extended Vehicle Service Contract leads.

NEXGEN Leads then introduced a Consumer Credit Card Interest Rate Reduction campaign that led to the resignation of a majority of NEXGEN Leads telemarketing personnel due to the business being transparently fraudulent.

The remaining Automotive Warranty Extended Vehicle Service Contract telemarketing campaign realized further reduced revenue as clients stopped ordering pre-paid leads when NEXGEN Leads management pushed through unqualified leads in an attempt to reintroduce capital without reinvesting in quality data lists and telemarketing personnel.

NEXGEN Leads continued to be active in Automotive Warranty Extended Vehicle Service Contract telemarketing while working on new Automotive Loan Modification Refinance contract agreements with several banks, credit unions, and finance companies. However, negotiations proved to take longer than anticipated.

As a direct result, NEXGEN Leads placed all floor managers and remaining telemarketing personnel earning $4.50 an hour on unpaid temporary leave until management could secure a new campaign to support operational overhead. This decision was announced to employees at the end of work day, October 3, 2011.

On October 7, 2011 NEXGEN Leads terminated these same floor managers and telemarketing employees after an initial Costa Rica Labor Ministry (Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social, MTSS) report found NEXGEN Leads had unlawfully placed its employees on unpaid leave without compensation.

We at NEXGEN Leads consider this a fresh start. NEXGEN Leads is committed to regrouping after disappointing our small list of clients.

NEXGEN Leads looks forward to rebuilding its workforce, services, and brand toward once again providing Next Generation Thinking and Next Generation Business. Real time hot, qualified leads for our valued business partners.

NEXGEN Leads, SA is a wholly owned division of CCP Global Support Costa Rica, LLC Limitada in association with Shriver Global Support Costa Rica, LLC Limitada, and the Paul Sifton Children's Trust.

San Jose, Costa Rica

P.O. Box 025331, #SJO 61800
Miami, FL 33102-5331
Phone (904) 527-2608

Principle: Paul Sifton
Principle: Ronnie Arnold "Chip" McGraw
Principle: Chris Freedman

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