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New Today...Sokule Expands its reach to over 873,000

May 20, 2010

NEW YORK CITY -- SOKULE has added three posting walls called Kule Wall, Private Post Wall and The Sokule Public Wall which permits owners ofsites, all over the world, to add a simple code to their site and show one of the Sokule walls anywhere on their own website.

In just one week, the viewers at these new walls went from an audience of 133,000 to  873,000 and continue to grow daily.

Jane Mark, President of Sokule, calls these walls " The climbing Walls" because they can take any site on the net and have it climb out from obscurity to instant recognition.

Phil Basten, the developer of Sokule, came up with a unique way for any site to add the Sokule posting walls without having to hire a programmer or have any special technical knowledge at all.

" Now, if you want your site seen quickly and easily, says Mr. Basten, "you just grab the code for one of our posting walls and you get instant recognition at Sokule and at 45 other sites all over the net with over 873,000 viewers.

Sokule is a site specifically designed for businesses on the net that need to get their message out quickly, easily and to a broad audience of targeted buyers.

Your post reaches 39 of the largest Social Media sites all over the world so with 1 post you can be get your message in front of millions of eople and begin to get  your site noticed.

The codes for the Sokule walls contains the affiliate link for Sokule users so they  help site owners get sign ups and sales at Sokule which is an added benefit for anyone  using the Sokule Walls.

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Media Contact:

Jane Mark, President SOKULE
736 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Phone 212-475-6001

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