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New Year's Resolution: Breakdown Cultural Barriers In Men's Grooming Industry

Dec 06, 2007

WASHINGTON, DC -- At the age of seven, Michael Craig received his first set of clippers and twenty years later he is still clipping away . He is a member of Barbers International and the National Concierge Association. He has been an Advance Educator for some of the industry's leading companies such as, American Crew, The Graham Webb Academy and the Bennett Beauty Institute. He was the first barber at the well known Grooming Lounge in Washington, DC. During this tenure, he effectively designed and implemented their educational component. In January 2008, Craig will celebrate the Grand Opening of his self titled establishment, MICHAEL CRAIG - The Proper Name in Men's Grooming.

Known as 'a barber's barber', Michael Craig's creative craftsmanship and reputation for perfection have allowed him to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients from actor Bruce Willis to journalist Clarence Page. "I don't know who the best hair stylist in the world is, but Michael Craig is the best one I have ever had." -- Clarence Page, nationally syndicated columnist.

"My philosophy is that you should never stop getting better", says Craig. "It's my goal, through MICHAEL CRAIG and its companion The MICHAEL CRAIG Education and Resource Center, to reestablish the dignity of the traditional barber and his shop, as well as upgrade the standards within the men's grooming industry."

Through years of observation, Michael found a common thread missing in traditional barber shops and sometimes taken for granted in luxury shops. Cross-culture education. It is Michael's quest to make this the standard in men's grooming. This concept empowers the barber to service all textures of hair, to effectively communicate with each client as it pertains to grooming while instituting proper barbering etiquette. This approach also empowers the client by affording him the knowledge to properly attend to his specific grooming needs based on the education he receives from his barber.

"There's no need for a man to have to go to a barber way across town because no one in the venue three blocks from his house has the skill set to cut his hair. Cross-culture education is how we begin to break down the cultural barriers within the grooming industry", says Craig. "The other important component MICHAEL CRAIG offers is a place of escape and relaxation. With smooth jazz in the background, Sports Center on the flat screen and a beer resting in one hand while receiving a classic shave transitions MICHAEL CRAIG from the traditional barbershop to an experience."

MICHAEL CRAIG is located at:
1221 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE,
Washington, DC, 20003

For more information on MICHAEL CRAIG or The MICHAEL CRAIG Resource and Education Center, please visit

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