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PCI DSS | Kick Start Compliance with a PCI DSS Readiness Assessment

Oct 29, 2008

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA -- Successful PCI DSS compliance takes considerable time and a true commitment from any organization, both financially and operationally. What's more, one truly needs to build a workable, sustainable roadmap for ensuring PCI compliance is conducted in a cost-effective and efficient manner. What you need is a PCI DSS Readiness Assessment, a brief, but intense engagement working collaboratively with a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) firm, such as NDB Advisory, for ensuring your organizations is ready to move forward with PCI DSS compliance.

So what does a PCI DSS Readiness Assessment include? Here's what you get:

• Initial "scoping" of your organization for PCI compliance as it relates to a number of critical issues.

• Analysis of debit/credit (i.e., payment) Card "Transaction Environment"

• Analysis of hardware/software systems, components and all other related application and network layer devices.

• Identifying and analyzing all significant third party outsourcers and managed service providers used by your organization.

• Internal assessment of available personnel within your organization

• Cursory, initial walk-through of all 12 core PCI DSS standards necessary for meeting compliance.

• Initial review and analysis of current policies, procedures, and initiatives throughout the organization for meeting PCI DSS compliance.

• Working with all external third party outsourcers for properly assessing and scoping for PCI compliance.

PCI DSS compliance takes teamwork and commitment, so get it right the first time with a PCI DSS Readiness Assessment from NDB Advisory. Our personnel have years of experience in technology and compliance and are also have customized templates for PCI DSS policies and procedures.

Contact NDB Advisory for all you PCI DSS needs.

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