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Resume Program for Kids

Apr 20, 2007

TORONTO, CANADA -- Helps kids "start to think about it" - to track their skills and accomplishments and to develop a plan to prepare for their futures.

The reality is that most kids will work at some point in their lives, therefore they will need a resume and they will need to develop the necessary components of a resume. has developed a resume program at to help get kids, teens, k-12, started. The program is free, no advertising and no contact information.

Jeff Brown founder of the social venture of and creator of the program believes "this program is a very helpful tool for teachers, kids and parents to start the process of understanding and preparing a good resume. Resume format and presentation is the simple and most common available tips while our program discusses education, skills, experience and personal information in the context of kids growing up. As kids grow their resumes grow. "

The Kids Resume Program gives kids a plan and sense of accomplishment while helping them identify things they need to work on to develop themselves and to give themselves better opportunities. It also helps kids track all the things they have accomplished, the many skills they have and the experience they have gained in their daily lives.

Brown hopes the experience of kids creating their first “My Resume” will be something they will look back on over the years and feel good about how they are developing beyond their school grades. All kids can enjoy this activity and benefit from having a plan, a scorecard and their own reminder of things they have done well in their own mind. is a social venture introducing, preparing and launching kids into business at an early age. provides free online programming for skill development and experience opportunities for kids.

For further information contact:

Jeff Brown

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