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Nite Bye Nite: A New Chapter in the Debt Recovery Collection Business in America

Jan 15, 2011

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- There are sometimes when companies and people get behind on paying their bills. In the last three years, and because of a turbulent economy, companies going into bankruptcy and employees losing their jobs among other factors, the collections agencies across the country became oversaturated with the number of regular and new clients hiring them to go outreach debtors and make them pay no matter what.

Everybody have heard thousands of times about complaints on how collections agencies communicate with debtors, in an unfriendly way, in order to do their job and collect the money that debtors owed to a third party. It can be a credit card, a medical bill, due rent, car bill or even a plumbing service for less than a hundred dollars.

It is urgent for companies to collect their outstanding past due invoices. Accounting and Finance departments needs cash to keep the company running. That is the perfect scenario to hire a collection agency and get their help to collect. At what cost? An incredible high cost between 25% to 35% commission on the money recovered.

Most companies decide to go ahead and try to get anything from the debtor. Then the collection agency mistreat the debtor and start the collection process and became the big winners of the game getting a big slice of the pie.

Other companies, like individuals and small businesses, cannot afford to pay 25% to 35% commission because it represents a lot of money for them so they are stuck with no many tools to be able to collect the money owed by their debtors.

Nite Bye Nite Debt Collections Agency is a new small company in Orange County that is about to help small, medium, large companies and individuals throughout the United States and overseas no matter the size of the claim.

One of their actual clients is a professional plumbing service company that needs to collect past due invoices from families that have used them for a kitchen or bathroom problems and have not paid small amounts between $80 and $125 dollars, for example.

"With 35 years of experience collecting money for large corporations, I have always felt sorry that there wasn't any collection agency that wanted to collect small amounts and specially for small and medium businesses. As a new small business model, Nite Bye Nite Debt Collections Agency is growing very fast because we collect small amounts and charge a very low commission starting at 9% of the money that we recover with no fees charge up-front. And, providing a high quality old-fashioned customer service, and respecting the debtor as a human being", explained Russell Knight, a financial expert and CEO of Nite Bye Nite Debt Collections Agency, the new small company located in Irvine, California and Las Vegas, Nevada; that is ready to open a new chapter in the collection business in this country.

Nite Bye Nite Debt Collections Agency started business in August, 2010 and presently has more than 10 regular clients including a prestigious Law Firm in Newport Beach.

"We can collect any amount starting at $1 Dollar anywhere in the country and overseas. From Los Angeles to New York and from Dubai to London. Also, our staff is bilingual so we can speak different languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin", concluded Russell Knight, CEO of Nite Bye Nite Debt Collections Agency.

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