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Jun 19, 2008

IRVINE, CA -- Whether you are a busy executive, a car commuter, a road warrior, a legal practitioner or a medical professional, Scribe4you has the productivity-enhancing tools to meet your needs. Submitting dictations and other files for transcription is a breeze with Scribe4you's flexible dial-in dictate, web, ftp and email submission options. It dramatically increases productivity while reducing costs.

It's like having a great virtual assistant at your disposal all the time. Scribe4you uses the latest technology and trained personnel to convert your dictation to text around the clock. Simply dial, speak and hang up and they will return to you a formatted transcript. The pricing is one of the lowest on the market at under one penny per word with guaranteed quality and turnaround time.

A variety of features, such as 24x7x365 availability, the option of marking dictation for expedited delivery, the use of customized templates, various formatting styles and credit-card billing, makes this service especially appealing to business users. Frequent customers also can make use of retainer accounts at reduced prices.

In addition to dictation transcription, Scribe4you also offers interview, seminar, focus group and other miscellaneous transcription services. According to Andy Jones, director, Scribe4you, "We are one stop shop for all documentation needs of our clients. They can send in dictations or other audio/video files to us via a variety of ways and our people will create professional documents according to their specs and email them back. In addition, they can send in hand written notes or other documents using fax or email which we can convert to text as well. Corporate customers can take advantage of our discounted pricing scheme for bulk transcription work".

All services are available to worldwide clients now and it takes only a minute to sign up on the website. also offers a free-trial option, where customers can call their  toll-free number 866 570 9570 or visit and receive a free dictation of up to five minutes, allowing them to evaluate the service with no obligation.

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