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Genealogy Seminar Tour Partners With Leading DNA Testing Company

Jun 20, 2007

CARROLLTON, VIRGINIA -- Diversity Restoration Solutions and Slave Descendants Freedom Society announce they have partnered with Family Tree DNA, the largest DNA company in the field of genetic genealogy, to offer attendees of the Family Restoration Roundtable Educational Seminar series an opportunity to test their DNA for ancestral origins. The seminar series focuses on reconnecting families from the African Diaspora through the use of genealogy and history.

"We look forward to working with Family Tree DNA," said Eric Sheppard president and founder of Diversity Restoration Solutions, Inc. (DRS), a cultural diversity empowerment training company, and co-founder and chairman of Slave Descendants Freedom Society (SDFS), a nonprofit slave history and genealogy organization. "Genetic research has been instrumental as an additional resource for tracing family history. Today, researching lineage is not just about reviewing census data, court records and other historical documents. DNA testing is a significant addition to a genealogy search because a person can learn whether they are related to someone in a matter of a few weeks."

Family Tree DNA offers two types of tests: the mtDNA and the Y-DNA. The mtDNA test looks at an individual's mitochondrial DNA, which is passed virtually unchanged from a mother to her children with no influence from the spouses along the maternal line. The Y-DNA test looks at the Y-chromosome, which is passed mainly unchanged from father to son with no influence from spouses along the paternal line.

The tests provide information regarding a person's origin in broad geographic terms. Family Tree DNA will also compare an individual's results against its extensive database. If there are others with similar results, Family Tree DNA will list their country of origin. By way of comparison, this can serve as an indicator to more probable countries for a person's origin. Moreover, Family Tree DNA will connect a participant with individuals who have matching test results.

In addition to offering DNA testing with Family Tree DNA, the DRS and SDFS seminar series entitled "Restoring African American Families Using Genealogy and History" will examine and discuss a number of topics including:
Transatlantic slave trade and slavery in America
The importance of African American family genealogy as it relates to slavery
13 steps to restoring a family with genealogy and history
Cultural and business opportunities in Africa, with The Gambia as the gateway

The seminar series will be held in more than 50 cities in the United States and abroad into 2008. For more information, visit or call (757) 238-7790.

About Diversity Restoration Solutions
Diversity Restoration Solutions, Inc. ( is a cultural diversity and management consulting firm specializing in providing innovative solutions to resolve 21st century government, industry and community challenges. Founded in 1991, Diversity Restoration Solutions, Inc. has evolved into a results-oriented and quality driven organization. The company provides unique solutions to complex problems as it relates to cultural diversity and race relations for communities, domestically and internationally.

About Slave Descendants Freedom Society, Inc.
Slave Descendants Freedom Society's, Inc.'s ( mission is to help descendants of enslaved African ancestors in America and others reconnect with their ancestral heritage. Established in 2003 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Slave Descendents Freedom Society, Inc. seeks to promote and encourage an open dialogue across generations about African American ancestral history with its genealogy research and awareness initiatives and sponsorship of educational events. As a lasting tribute to African American ancestral heroes, Slave Descendants Freedom Society honors the unrecognized labor contributions that enslaved African Americans made to the building of the United States by supporting memorial projects commemorating their efforts.

About Family Tree DNA
Based in Houston, Texas, Family Tree DNA ( was founded in 2000. It is the world leader and foremost organization in the field of genetic genealogy that has been constantly developing the science that enables thousands of genealogists around the world to advance their families' research. With over 150,000 DNA records, it has the largest Y-DNA and mtDNA databases in the world, and processes a wide array of genealogy-related tests. It also provides DNA testing for the National Geographic's Genographic Project.

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