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New Advocacy Group P.E.A.P. Supports Au Pairs Worldwide

Nov 16, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- In response to the growing frequency of sexual abuse of au pairs, Talya Shoup Burnett, author of popular au pair blog Best Au Pair Guide, and Edina Stone of au pair agency review site Au Pair Clearinghouse, are partnering to create Prevention of Au Pairs (P.E.A.P.). The organization's purpose is to raise awareness of the exploitation of au pairs, a growing problem in Europe, Asia and in the United States.

Au pairs are a highly affordable means of childcare and are becoming increasingly popular for busy, professional families around the world. While most au pairs work in safe homes with good host families, many of them are at considerable risk for exploitation and human trafficking due to their youth and inexperience. Au pairs are frequently overworked, underpaid, and at times even sexually and emotionally abused.

The organization's mission is to raise awareness and prevent exploitation of au pairs worldwide. P.E.A.P. is dedicated to promoting global awareness of the abuse of au pairs by education and outreach. It strives to prevent au pair abuse through education of young men and women working as au pairs. By mobilizing au pair agencies, au pair organizations and au pair families to join in the awareness campaign, actions and guidelines that protect au pairs can be put into action.

Please visit P.E.A.P. on Facebook to lend your support and share with au pairs, host families, and agencies globally. For further information or to report an au pair who is being exploited, please send your inquiry to or Agencies interested in partnering with P.E.A.P. are also encouraged to do so.

About the co-founders

Talya Shoup Burnett is public relations manager for an international mobile advertising network and author of the blog and Ebook Best Au Pair Guide. She offers prospective au pairs tips and advice on working for host families abroad. Edina Stone is Founder and CEO of, a national U.S.A. consumer website that reviews and rates au pair agencies for busy host parents.

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