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Oct 02, 2007

PARKLAND, FLORIDA -- Making your own birth announcements can be very easy and rewarding. By using vellum, you can announce the birth of your baby while also personalizing the announcements with a picture of your new bundle of joy. Here's what you need to make your own vellum birth announcement:

We want to help you get it right. When sending out baby announcements or other baby related stationery, there are guidelines that are helpful for you to understand. Our team is happy to provide you with our guide to proper etiquette, including sample verses, who to send to, and what to say

You should send out birth announcements as close to the birth as possible. By picking out the design and verse, addressing the envelopes and buying stamps prior to the arrival to your new baby, you will be able to send your announcements soon after the birth. After the baby arrives, just email Ten fingers and toes . com with your baby's information (e.g., date of birth, weight and height). We'll insert it into your selected verse, print and send them to you. Six months is the longest you should wait before sending out birth announcements. Please read our section on timeline for common practices.

What to Include In Birth Announcements
There are many different styles and themes to choose from when writing the verse for your birth announcement. Please browse through our sample verses to get ideas on how to word your message. A baby announcement verse typically includes the following:

-Introduction: A short passage from a poem or a popular phrase.

We welcome with love...
Our home has grown by two feet...
-Baby's Name: Include the first and middle name or the full name of your child.
-Birth Details: Standard details include the baby's birth date, weight and length. Time of birth and place of birth can also be added.
-Closing: The parent's names, following by the names of the baby's siblings are placed at the end of the birth announcement. You can add an adjective in front of the parents' names to describe your feeling.

What is the proper information to be included on a birth announcement?

Of course the name of the baby and, if the baby has a nickname, provide it in quote marks underneath his or her name. You will also want to include the date, the time, the weight, the names of the parents, even if they're not married, and perhaps the town in which the baby was born. And, if you want to have more, you can put down the name of the hospital in which the baby was born and the address of the parents, and that's enough. Don't say no gifts or "see gift registry at Neiman Marcus". Personally I think that's in terrible taste, the less said the better. Leave it in people's hands and they should react in some way. They can write a note or send a gift.

It is traditional to include birth weight on an announcement, but what happens if you've had a premature child or an extremely large child?
Well no, if the child you had is an extremely large child or born premature, there is no reason to draw attention to it. But most babies come between 6 and 9 pounds and people are just sort of curious. Really only the parents care, but it's good to put down.

When should the announcements be sent out and when is the latest that it can be sent out?
In a perfect world, birth announcements would be sent out almost immediately. If you can, work on getting ready to order them during the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy. You can have them picked out and everything organized so you just fill in a few blanks and then you can get them printed fast. Get the easy stuff out of the way, like buying stamps at the post office that are appropriate, sort of fun for babies. Have that all ready so that once the baby's born it can be done easily. Of course a perfect world rarely happens and suddenly weeks have gone by and that's fine. At some point your little one will let you find the time to announce him or her to the world. The latest you should get them out I think would be six months. You don't want the baby growing up and getting married before you announce its birth.

Is there a special way of writing announcements for twins?
No, I think its better not to. It's a surprise element just to see their names. Put them on both sides of the announcement so there's no question that they are two different people instead of one horribly long name.

Is it necessary to write a personalized note on each announcement?
No. The mother and the father will be too busy and too tired to do that. If to a grandmother or an aunt or uncle or something, yes. You can say, little John looks just like you. Do something that's obviously sort of a joke. Other people, no. They should come back to you. Then, when they receive the baby announcement should call you or send you a note or just send up fireworks of joy.

Is it necessary to include a photograph with my birth announcement?
No, because the baby's hospital photographs are all simply terrible. They all look alike and, quite frankly, it is usually not a very attractive picture. If you want to send a photo, wait until the baby is attractive, which he or she will be by one month old, already has a personality. Then you can send out some photographs.

Are people who receive birth announcements expected to send gifts?
They're not forced to, they're not expected, but it's just a nice thing to do. A letter, certainly, in lieu of gifts. If you're having a tough time financially, don't send a gift. But send a note saying, we're so happy for you. React to the announcement. Make a telephone call, do something. Speaking of stationery, I think stationery makes a very cute gift, with a monogram or the baby's new name, any kind of stationery. That's a really sweet gift.

I kept my maiden name, how can I best word my child's birth announcement?
Robert Anderson and Mary Lewis Smith announce with great joy the birth of their daughter, Mary Louisa etc., etc. Just put both their names up there and put her name, the name that she goes by, and if people wonder whether they are married or not, they can find out through other means. The invitation doesn't have to spell out that they are married. Many women keep their own name after they're married and nobody who would look at that and say, oh they're not even married, not in today's age. A lot of women just keep their name, so it's nobody's business anymore whether they're married.

Does my baby need stationery, thank you notes or calling cards?
It's very nice to have stationery for a baby or a child to send, for example if one of your contemporaries has a baby, for your baby's card to be in the gift to the new baby. It's adorable. So, just have the name printed in the middle like a calling card. It's adorable, very sweet to go with the gifts.

We have adopted a child, is it appropriate to send out announcements, and what is the best wording?
Of course, an announcement is always appropriate to let people know about a new member of your family. "Mary and Bob Campbell are happy to announce that a wonderful young man has joined our family, George Louis Campbell, born on? and you put down his birth date, even if it is two or three years previously. And that's all you have to say. If you want to you can say who came to us from China, if this is a Far Eastern or South American child I think it's good to apprise people of that fact.

Who we are
Ten Fingers And Toes was created from a love of babies and an appreciation for giving and receiving exceptional paper with unique designs. Birth announcements is where we concentrate are efforts, but are limited to just the baby announcement world. Seeing paper and hand-written notes increasingly taking a back seat to email and digital communications, we set out to restore the excitement and the days of going to the mail box to find announcements, invitations and just because notes. Understanding that technology would bring us forward in bringing us back to hand written notes, birth announcements and invitations, we were inspired to build a website that made shopping for paper baby announcements fun, easy and even better than an in store shopping experience. Being customer centric in every aspect of each building block of the company helped us get there. Keeping the focus tight on birth announcements and what some also call the baby announcements of ten fingers and toes .com
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Unique products from Top Designers
The team is obsessed with finding the finest, highest quality stationery that is unique, simple, classic and modern. Unlike many other stationery companies that simply provide an extensive, something-for-anyone offering, sends seasoned talent scouts all over the country to source truly unique products that match current trends and styles. We are proud to offer products from both seasoned veterans in the industry, as well as younger, incredibly talented designers. We specialize and concentrate our efforts in birth announcements and or what some call their baby announcements.

We guide you every step of the way
Card Personalization and Preview Process
We believe it is important to let you easily personalize and preview a birth announcement card before ordering. You can let our suggested wording and layout process guide you, or you can create baby announcements entirely from scratch. It's always been about the ease of shopping. We guide you every step of the way with Dream It, Create it and Share it ™ technology in personalizing your birth announcements.

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