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Inholland Students Become Entrepreneurs

May 26, 2008

DIEMEN, THE NETHERLANDS -- Six entrepreneur students in The Netherlands are setting a new trend in maternity clothing. Seres Apparels, the name of their future company, will launch in the market a new product that gives another perspective to the concept of pregnancy's fashion; a unique blouse with the combination of two special characteristics: designs and fabrics that will allow the blouse to extend and fit comfortably each stage of a pregnant woman's body and an innovative brooch that shows the number of the week of pregnancy.

The product has been already tested; the students performed a small research among pregnant and non-pregnant women and men, to find what they think about the maternity blouse concept, as well as to try it and express their level of satisfaction. The results were 4 on a scale from 1 to 5, a very positive response.

Certainly satisfactory considering that the firm's owners are first's year's students of Inholland University in Diemen. All from different countries: Ecuador, Philippines, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria and Dominican Republic, have joined a project promoted by the university. The response has rebased all expectations and soon, they will have the opportunity to present their proposals to several companies, who are interested in their concept and are willing to provide the financial resources they need in change of a share of the company.

The blouse has a few surprising features: it grows and decreases with the simple use of a zipper or a wrap strategically placed so it fits perfectly also in non-pregnant women. Besides, its innovative brooch has the shape of different flowers with interchangeable numbers attached to the brooch with the use of a magnet. Women will be able to say not only the status of the pregnancy but also any other information e.g. age, mood or simply, their telephone number.

What started as a student project, it's developing into a business that promises high profits and an amusing way for proud mothers to show off their pregnancy.

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