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Fosse Financial Comments on German Bank Loans

Apr 14, 2008

LICHFIELD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Sources say that the research by the Financial Fosse has revealed that German banks, the highest level, loans in Europe because of a slowdown in the ability of the German banks nichtdurchzuführen to provide loans to investors in the last year to sell.

Nichtleistende loans are loans at risk of default, or the loans where the borrower fails, the eradication list. The research by the team from the Fosse Financial analysts also apparently revealed that, while Germany is not the largest share - payable loans in Europe, the second largest Italian banks with an estimated EUR100 billion in high-risk loans relating to the end of 2007.

A spokesman for the Financial Fosse, apparently finds that Germany's trade with the non-performing loans due to several factors, including the influence of global Kreditknirschens on nichtleistenden credit portfolio prices and the hesitance of banks suffered, with new kits on the market.

The research team of Fosse Financial apparently decided that the main cause of a high level of risk in the loan portfolios of German banks, the weak economy and rising number of insolvency since the mid-1990s, as well as a concurrent event with a value of the loan guarantee.

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