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Jul 08, 2010
"With online bingo gaining momentum, there was a strong need for a reliable and trusted resource to guide players through the process."

WORLD WIDE WEB -- The dramatic technological advancements and software developments that have occurred in the online gaming arena over the last several years have completely altered the face of bingo. Online Bingo has literally been transformed from 'grandma's game' at the senior center to an innovative, cutting edge gaming extravaganza that now embodies all of the excitement and thrills you can stand! Bingo has taken on its own place in the gambling e-commerce niche, and has emerged as a fresh, new, and powerful presence in the online gaming industry. With its popularity being relatively recent, players are looking for some solid information to navigate through the Online Bingo maze of opportunities, which is exactly what is designed to do.

The site was developed to provide information in all areas of online bingo gaming, presented in a fun, creative, and interesting way, it's certainly not your average bingo resource guide. Players will find information on Bingo Bonuses, and we all know how important that free money can be to a player's bank roll! Understanding what types of bonus offers there are and where to find them is a key in getting a bingo game off to a strong start. BingoNerdo provides players with a list of reputable bingo sites and information as to what their bonus offers are, so that players can determine which site fits their preferences best. The comprehensive Bingo Site Reviews provide players with a window into each of the premiere bingo sites featured to equip players in making a knowledgeable decision on where to play. USA bingo enthusiasts will find information on bingo sites accepting US players in the USA Bingo Online section of the site. Likewise, UK and other non-USA players can find bingo halls that cater to their niche in the UK Bingo Online section.

Online Bingo does include a gaming experience that is similar conceptually to that of visiting a land based bingo hall; however, the virtual environment includes many industry specific aspects that players will need to familiarize themselves with ahead of time. Online bingo is a highly social activity. Chat games and chat rooms are present on every bingo site, and interaction with other players is a huge part of the experience. Many players are drawn to the online bingo arena solely for the chat game and bingo buddy components. Learning how to interact in the chat rooms and when participating in chat games can truly enhance your online bingo game experience. BingoNerdo can teach you how to chat it up with the bingo crowd like a true Bingo Nerdo in the Bingo Tools section. BingoNerdo delivers a comprehensive Bingo Tools section that will teach players how to think, play, and speak Bingo. They will find information regarding bingo terminology, bingo acronyms, bingo chat emoticons, as well as some fun guides related to bingo Nerdo behavior.

Along with providing valuable information, BingoNerdo has endeavored to become an inventive site that bingo enthusiasts enjoy visiting. To spice things up, the creators of have included some information that you won't find at just any online bingo resource guide, such as how to dress like a Bingo Nerd, how to dance like a Bingo Nerd, and how to emerge as an overall highly skilled online bingo Nerdo who has been given everything a player needs to secure an exciting, invigorating, and rewarding online bingo game experience every time they play. Check out, and find your one stop shop for all things Bingo, including how to bring out your inner Nerdo, Bingo Nerdo that is!!

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