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Casino Gambling Web Postpones Lobbying Trip to Washington D.C. Until September

Aug 03, 2007
"The true special interest groups behind the UIGEA passing last year were the Christian fundamentalist groups who lobbied the Republican led congress hard to pass legislation banning Internet gambling."

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Casino Gambling Web today announced the postponement of their lobbying trip to Washington D.C., originally scheduled for the end of July. The company said in a statement that they were advised by aids in the Financial Service Committee that a better time to lobby on behalf of the American people would be in September when congressmen, senators, and their aids get back from their summer break.

The online gambling news reporting website, who also acts as a player advocate, had scheduled their lobbying trip to Washington D.C. to represent the concerns of the millions of Americans who were outraged at the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in October of last year.

"Laws in the United States are meant to protect the public's general interest, not special interest groups," said Gordon Price, CEO of Casino Gambling Web. "Many outsiders look at this Internet gambling issue as a special interest subject, but the truth is that when millions of Americans participate in an activity every year, it is not a special interest, it is a general interest."

Price emphasized that the true special interest groups behind the UIGEA passing last year were the Christian fundamentalist who lobbied the Republican led congress hard to pass legislation banning Internet gambling. The result was not a complete ban of Internet gambling, but rather the malformed UIGEA that only passed as a result of being attached to an unrelated must pass Port Security Bill in the last moments of last year's congressional sessions by former Senator Bill Frist. Senator Frist even went as far as to write a 'Your Welcome' letter to Southern Baptists following the Bill's passing.

One of the strongest opponents to legalized Internet gambling, Focus on the Family (FoF), represented by their lobbying website CitizenLink, sent out a letter to all congressmen and senators on August 1st of this year as a counter-measure to the lobbying Casino Gambling Web was supposed to have concluded by that time.

"There are two ironies to the letter Focus on the Family sent to congress," Price said, "One, they sent it thinking we had already done our lobbying, not knowing we had postponed our trip until September, and two, their letter actually makes our position stronger."

In the letter FoF points out that the US is not in compliance with a WTO ruling. FoF requests the US to remain steadfast in their position, while Casino Gambling Web is requesting the US respect the WTO ruling.

In the letter FoF also points out that millions of Americans participate in Internet gambling activities every year. FoF says this is the reason it needs to be stopped, Casino Gambling Web points at that this is the reason it needs to be legalized.

FoF also points out the land based gambling in one form or another is legal in 48 of 50 states. FoF believes this is why gambling should not spread to the Internet, Casino Gambling Web believes this is another reason why gambling online should be legalized.

"Focus on the Family representatives think we are very biased in our lobbying, however, we would like to let them know that included in our packet that we will be hand delivering to every single congressman and senator office will include the letter that they sent out," Price said.

"We want congress to know who is behind the 21st century form of prohibition and we want congressmen and senators to see how irrational their arguments are," he added.

Casino Gambling Web will be sending two of their US representatives to Washington D.C. in September to lobby on behalf of the American people.

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