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Local Fitness Expert Encourages Americans to Eat on Thanksgiving

Nov 15, 2007

NEW YORK, NY -- "Most people have no idea that the traditional Thanksgiving meal is actually an ideal weight loss meal that can help anyone burn fat and build healthy lean muscle. In fact I have been teaching people for years how to go back for seconds and thirds and still lose weight" explains Jason White a New York City personal trainer, owner of the in-home fitness company Trainer Direct and the Author of  The Holiday Weight Loss Guide an

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Over 65% of our population is overweight and on a diet at the same time and Thanksgiving is just the start of what has become a national overindulgence season that begins with 'blowing your diet' on Thanksgiving and culminates in the drunken New Year's Eve pledge to 'turn over a new leaf' and lose the extra weight to get back into your clothes again.

The Holiday Weight Loss Guide teaches a simple approach to exercise and eating that is harmonious with the way the body was designed to operate. The Author says "Basically in order for our bodies to function at a peak performance level we need a constant supply of just enough nutrients to get us to the next meal."

Eating frequently throughout the day is not a new concept but it is the dietary habit of anyone who is successful at losing weight and keeping it off. Eating five or six small meals evenly spaced throughout the day has proven to be an effective means of stabilizing blood sugar and increasing metabolism which is necessary for losing weight and retaining lean muscle mass. Eating 4 or even 5 small turkey dinners throughout the holiday can be a wonderful way to not only savor the holiday feast. It can help you lose weight as well.

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