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Calorista Launches BETA Website: The Low Calorie Food Review

Oct 07, 2008
"Permanent weight loss means finding a lower calorie diet that you truly love eating."

DECATUR, GA --, a website that rates and reviews low calorie foods, officially launched its BETA version today. Calorista provides readers with quick, fun, and useful taste reviews along with nutritional information of low calorie grocery items, making it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest light and delicious foods.

With advanced, easy-to-use search features, users can quickly sort items by type of food, nutrients (such as protein, fiber, carbohydrates, sodium, fat or cholesterol), meal type or food category. Calorista does the research that makes it simple to compare food items side-by-side in whatever search a user performs.

"Permanent weight loss means finding a lower calorie diet that you truly love eating. I wanted to make it just a little easier for all Calorista readers to find the food choices that work for THEM," says Terra Weiss, Founder of "Additionally, I set out to create an interface which makes it extremely easy to compare different brands and varieties of foods. There are many websites that provide nutritional information, but none that have an easy way to search and instantly view side-by-side comparisons of similar grocery items. For example, if you perform a search for ice cream, you can immediately see how the different brands & varieties compare as far as taste, calories and nutrition. This format makes it very easy to choose the most filling and nutritious choice for whichever food you are craving."

Additionally, Calorista's articles uncover the information that is needed to become more informed and better equipped to achieve weight loss and/or nutrition goals.

Calorista BETA is working to add more low calorie foods, recipes and advice articles to become the most comprehensive and easy-to-use low calorie food review database on the web.

About Calorista
Calorista was founded in 2008 with the goal of helping all those trying to eat healthy, low calorie foods, but who are a little overwhelmed by the ever increasing number of options at the grocery store. Calorista does the "grocery food homework" for its readers and provides ratings and reviews of low calorie foods. With a very user friendly database, Calorista makes it quick and easy to find a delicious, light option for any craving.

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