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Speed Sleep Introduces New Website and Launches the Sleep Center

Jun 29, 2008

CHICAGO, IL -- Best-selling author Frank Prince has launched a new website for his revolutionary sleep aid, Speed Sleep. The site features the Sleep Center, a distinctive resource that offers solutions to a wide variety of sleep issues and disorders. For instance, it covers the sleep problems suffered by frequent travelers, college students, new parents, and high-powered executives, or other individuals who have stressful, high pressure jobs. Furthermore, the Sleep Center, as well as the Speed Sleep program itself, offers solutions to people who want to avoid the residual grogginess and other negative side effects that result from using prescription drugs or other sleep aids.

In addition to the Sleep Center, the new Speed Sleep website also includes a frequently updated news feed that details the latest sleep studies, news, and improvements; as well as the myriad of mental and physical benefits of regular high quality sleep and the various health issues it can alleviate.

The new website also offers visitors the opportunity to download the Speed Sleep tracks directly from the website, giving users instant relief from their sleep problems.

About Speed Sleep: Speed Sleep is an audio track that actually teaches individuals to fall asleep quickly and easily. It consists of two tracks, one for a rejuvenating power nap and one for a complete night's sleep. Users can take advantage of this unique program simply by listening to it as they fall asleep and allowing the sleep triggers - or phrases that promote relaxation and deep sleep - to take effect. Speed Sleep II is a similar program; however, it focuses on health, fitness, and achieving a better body through mental conditioning.

About Frank Prince: Frank Prince is a best-selling author and motivational speaker who has written over thirty books and counseled hundreds of corporations, professional athletes, outstanding students, and extraordinary individuals.

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