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The Missing Step that Prevents Weight Loss

Jan 08, 2008

LONDON -- Easierwayz went online last year to offer the 'Change Your Mind Change Your Body' weight loss course, which was developed by Paul Duncan and Terry Sandhu. The course offers insights and explanations as to why so many people are failing to lose weight, regardless of what products or methods that they are using.

The course is focused on an issue which is ignored by most diets or weight loss programmes. If exercise and diet were the only requirements to weight loss, why is it that 91% of people who try to lose weight fail to do so in the long term? These statistics show the futility of trying to lose weight through conventional methods alone.

Although diet and exercise are necessary for weight loss, without the correct mental preparation most people will fail in their attempts to lose weight. After all it is people's minds that tell them to stop exercising or dieting.

The 'Change Your Mind Change Your Body' weight loss course explains how any lifestyle becomes a habit, and how some habits are notoriously difficult to change. The problem that occurs when people are trying to lose weight is that they are trying to change their physical habits through exercise and diet, but their mental habits stay the same.

They see themselves as overweight people, and even when they do lose some weight their thinking remains the same. Simply put they have a self image of being overweight. These thoughts do not match the physical changes they are trying to make. Because of this it is only a matter of time before they give up trying to lose weight, as their minds will only follow what their beliefs are. Clearly these beliefs need to be changed in order to match any new behaviours.

The 'Change Your Mind Change Your Body' weight loss course explains how vital the thought process is in order to lose weight successfully. The course offers explanations that help people to understand the failures of the past. It offers methods and techniques that will help people to change their outlooks and perceptions about themselves. This in turn will allow them to significantly increase their chances of losing weight successfully in the long term.

The course is available in a simple downloadable format from and only takes minutes for it to arrive on peoples computers. Articles and information on weight loss can also be viewed on the website, along with numerous testimonials from people who have lost weight and continue to lose weight with this course.

For more information or questions about this course, or if a copy of the course is required for reviewing purposes please contact Paul Duncan.

Paul Duncan 
196 High Rd
Wood Green
London N22 8HH
Tel. 08450515126

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