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Nutritional 'Superfood' Available for the 1st Time in History of Mankind

Apr 11, 2007
"Phytonutrients are natural plant-based chemicals that promote proper metabolic functions."

LONDON, UK -- Marine Phytoplankton, known for years by scientists as a nutritional "superfood", has been discovered & made available to mankind for the first time in history in the form of  FREQUENSEA Marine Phytoplankton & FrequenSea:

-  Has 400 times the energy of ANY known plant

- Gives up to 90% of Earth's oxygen supply (NASA research)

- Proven to be the very first food or plant on earth

- Most whales species live long healthy lives entirely on it

- Proven to contain more than 200 pure sea vegetables 
- Has nutritional analysis that is second-to-none
- Is a life preserving and complete proprietary blend

- Is helping thousands of people enjoy a better life
The Marine Phytoplankton in FrequenSea is harvested on a sea farm in the Pacific Northwest where over 200 different species of Marine Phytoplankton thrive, a variety unrivaled anywhere else in the world. Other farms boast 12, 25, or 50 different species maximum. This sea farm developed an amazing renewable process that re-creates the spring bloom--a time of year where phytoplankton photosynthesis
is maximized--every month! The process actually replenishes more phytoplankton back to the ocean than it takes from it. This supports an amazingly diverse ecosystem near the farm.

The exclusive harvesting extraction process allows us to combine the benefits of phytonutrients with a natural and balanced composition of sea minerals.

Phytonutrients are natural plant-based chemicals that promote proper metabolic functions.

This pristine Pacific Northwest beach is the home of the one-of-a-kind sea farm where Tom Harper created and maintains the exclusive, patent-pending process of growing and harvesting Marine Phytoplankton. Thousand gallon tanks, in conjunction with eight
million-liter tanks, are used to recreate the spring bloom each month, instead of only once a year.

FOREVER GREENS Exclusive AMP Process - (AMP = Aqueous Molecular Partitioning)

ForeverGreen uses a natural, environmentally conscious process to extract essential ingredients for FrequenSea. Instead of common extraction methods involving heat or nutrient-harming solvents, ForeverGreen uses CO2 extraction to capture every
nutrient from the whole plant without destroying its nutrients. When a certain amount of pressure is applied to CO2 (carbon dioxide), it turns into liquid. This liquid CO2 can be used as an inert, safe liquid solvent. CO2 is the gas we exhale from our lungs.

Once the CO2 process is complete, how do we optimally absorb these amazing nutrients into our body? Before the oil components and the water-based components can blend together, an emulsifier is needed. Prior to ForeverGreen's exclusive AMP (Aqueous Molecular Partitioning) process, chemical-based emulsifiers were the only option.

The AMP process is a technological breakthrough, emulsifying the plant components and  rendering them water-soluble making the nutrients instantly bioavailable in the body.

Nothing carries nutrients into our cells more effectively than water, as 70 percent of the human body is water and 94 percent of the brain is water. Today most supplements come in forms that are not easily absorbed, therefore you often pay for expensive supplements that are never actually utilized by your body.

Health is kindness, and kindness is health. Let's preserve it together

Information on the incrediblenutritional benefits and natural properties of Marine Phytoplankton giving people a new lease of life can be found by visiting:

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