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A Revolutionary Idea to Use a Locking Device in the Construction Industry

May 14, 2007
"Wolf received the 'Industrial Champion Award 2006' for his invention, called Hook&Build? Building System."

EDMONTON, ALBERTA -- Wolf Wilbert calls upon the construction & building industry to look at a more economical building technology to improve the way approach construction.

His revolutionary idea is to implement a locking device to fasten all components of a pre-manufactured post & beam structural framework together with speed and great strength. His focus was on finding a connection method that improves not only the technology and quality of the structure, but also makes it economical feasible in all aspects of this industry.

Wolf received the "Industrial Champion Award 2006" for his invention, called Hook&Build™ Building System. The system is the result of many years of research, testing at structural engineering facilities of Universities, patent procedures, and the erection of a number of structures in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.

Wolf graduated with honors in architecture from the Academy of Fine Art in Munich, Germany. His experience includes both European and North American work, including permafrost construction.

His book titled "Unwrapping the Hook&Build™ Building System", reveals in detail the meaning, the execution and the detailing of this technology for everybody easily understand. The Book is self-published by Wolf and is available at:

Trafford Publishing at the website: 

and at the Lulu Publishing Website:

The ISBN # is 1-4251-1331-1
Retail price for the book is US $19.50

Wolf can be reached at: (780) 454-6126 or by E-mail:

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