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UK Tier-1 Visas Discriminate Against Indian Nationals

Apr 19, 2008

UK AND INDIA -- Only last week the UK Government suffered an embarrassing defeat in the High Court regarding their rule changes in the old 2006 HSMP Visa while next month a visit is planned to India by the UK Independent inspectors to examine the UK Visas policies and the effect they are having.

The UK Authorities continue to apply some rather questionable Immigration policies which could only be described as discriminatory. The clearest examples of this materialise in the biggest hurdles facing Indian citizens applying for the tier 1 visa who wish to immigrate to the UK. Firstly is the fact that Indian women are expect to have the same level of past earning as their males counterparts yet it is widely accepted in India women are often paid 45% less than their male colleagues. This transfer a home grown sex discrimination issues directly into the UK where they pride themselves on equality between the sexes.

The other issues which is the most important is that now Indian Nationals applying for the tier 1 visa are expect to have £2,800 or equivalent in their account for the last 3 months with proof of where that money was earned rather than gifted. While a person applying for the same tier 1 visa while in the UK only requires to show £800 even though comparative salaries in the UK are far higher.

We asked Liam Clifford the Director of one of the UK's and India's most authoritative Immigration consultancies and how they predict this will affect skilled Immigration to the UK under the tier 1 visa from India. Liam Clifford Said "It is not a surprise to me the UK Government are making it difficult for people to enter the UK under the new tier 1 scheme. We are currently in discussion with the Authorities to highlight the difficulties of our clients. We are certain the Government will listen and eventually adjust the tier 1 scheme to take account of India's local issues."

The tier 1 scheme is yet to roll our across the globe yet as India is the test area and a lot of issues are being discovered while next week the Independent inspector of Immigration Services to the UK will be visiting Delhi to see first and the issues the UK Visas office are facing. They will in turn report their finds.

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