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A Little Rox Solid Peace, Hope and Security

Jul 09, 2008
"Little Rox's ambitious goal is to have 6.6 billion people sign The Declaration for Humanity and make a commitment to bring peace, hope and security to the world."

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- Little Rox co-founders Ron Sukenick and Joe Newman have ignited a major movement from a creative gift that is impacting the world by bringing positive human traits such as compassion, benevolence, forgiveness, generosity and many others to the forefront.

"An individual can choose from the symbolic rocks and/or make the personal commitment to join the movement by signing The Declaration for Humanity," said Sukenick. "These components are the foundation and the platform that spread the message to the world. Teachers, parents, grandparents, coaches and friends are just a few examples of people who have given the gift of greatness to motivate, reward and show love."

The original gift package comes with a rock in a box and a book and the radiant message the is circling the globe. "It's amazing. We were sitting in a restaurant one day...looking at little rocks," said Newman. And very soon thereafter, we have this terrific website,, and a whole movement going to bring peace, hope and security to the world through character development using our Little Rox. Amazing."

In addition to the Little Rox (the rock in a box), recipients receive an unique book "Little Rox Can Make a Big Difference," a "Little Rox Character Trait Life Message" card, and a personalized choice of 20 character traits. The rocks represent different character traits. For example, Basalt can represent "wisdom," Slate can represent "self-control."

To display the personal commitment for all mankind, The Declaration for Humanity is the perfect addition. It is an intricately designed, beautiful color 11" x 17" poster announcement of one's intention to improve oneself and the world. Little Rox's ambitious goal is to have 6.6 billion people sign The Declaration for Humanity and make a commitment to bring peace, hope and security to the world. "Obviously, we don't have 6.6 billion signatures," added Sukenick, "but we are off to a running start." 

Besides the obvious, visible changes to humanity, people who give this unique and creative gift also help finance not-for-profits that spread the Declaration for Humanity message because Little Rox donates a portion of the proceeds to selected charities and not-for-profit organizations which stress character development.

As the message grows exponentially, so does the website. is a multimedia experience not to be missed, offering detailed explanations of the traits, descriptions and photos of the rocks, contact information, and a remarkable BLOG where the rocks write about character from the past, present and future. The Little Rox discuss history, sports, politics, parenting and many other contemporary subjects. And you can also read The Declaration for Humanity. For more information, visit or email Ron Sukenick at or call 317-216-8210.

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