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US Internet Marketing Firm Heads to the UK

Sep 25, 2007
"Colorado based Internet marketing firm announces the opening of its London, England office."

BOULDER, COLORADO -- Intela, LLC, a Boulder, Colorado based Internet marketing firm announces the opening of its London, England office, and the formal launch of its lead generation technology to handle its expanding business in the UK and the rest of Europe.
Intela's rapidly expanding business in the UK and European market includes the core of Intela's business offerings such as email marketing, lead generation, and affiliate publisher network and data management services.
Coupled with email marketing, list management and the Crisp Ads new media network, Intela will announce and demo the launch of its proprietary data collection, optimization and lead generation platform: CRISP technology.  This system allows Intela to offer its clients real time lead generation services that join intelligent delivery processes with the knowledge of an advertiser's audience, and over time, optimizes the creative, ad delivery and message content to ensure the utmost quality and enhanced ROI for its clients.
Lead generation has been at the core of Intela's offering since its inception in 2005 and continues to lead their growth into additional European markets. Supported by their Crisp Ads ad network and proprietary lead generation platform, Intela is a leader in the International performance based and data optimization industry. 
For further details, email  Intela's corporate headquarters at, call + 303 473 0000 or write to them at 1495 Yarmouth Avenue, Boulder, Colorado 80304, USA.

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