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Make A Travel Resolution for 2012 And Start It An Aruba Accommodation

Dec 18, 2011

ARUBA -- With the New Year just around the corner, people find themselves reminiscing on the past year, grateful for the high points, remembering the low points and thinking about how they can improve in 2012.

So how can they improve in the year ahead? Make better resolutions, said Aruba accommodation expert Matthew Smillie, owner of Aruba Villa Vacation Homes.

"Making a resolution to lose weight or eat healthier can set people up for failure," said Smillie who specializes in vacation condo rentals. "People often forget about the most important resolution that is all-encompassing: travel more. By vowing to travel more, people will visit a new place, spend time with loved ones, reduce stress and learn something new, like scuba diving."

The first step in accomplishing this resolution is to start the year off in a new place, like Aruba, said Smillie. Travelers will experience the excitement of ringing in the New Year on the island with celebrations that are full of tradition and superstition.

Dande, which comes from the Papiamento word meaning to have a good time, is the traditional celebration, which began after King William III of the Netherlands freed the slaves. After the last firework pops, groups of traveling musicians, known as the Dande, bring in the New Year with songs to offer blessings of goodwill and prosperity.

According to superstition, celebrating New Years with fireworks isn't just for show, it's also to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to people.

Traveling to Aruba to bring in the New Year is an experience that will last a lifetime," said the villas for rent professional. "It's also the perfect place to kick start a travel resolution."

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