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Costa Rica Real Estate Heating Up with Reve Orange

Aug 26, 2009

EZCAZU, COSTA RICA -- Costa Rica's real estate market is picking up speed.  Within nearly all the Latin American countries there is virtually no financing for homes or condos other then owner financing for foreign buyers.  Within the past 5 years Costa Rica's real estate market has seen a surge of real estate sales being driven by cash buyers.

Since sales are driven by cash and not by carrying notes and debt, the Costa Rican real estate market has sustained an incredibly healthy real estate market compared to the United States and Europe.

The main attraction to Costa Rica relevant to investors and buyers falls upon the fact that Costa Rica has not had an army since the 1950's and thus the Costa Rican government has spent more efforts and taxes to be allocated for health care and education.  Fast forward 60 years later and Costa Rica has built a world renowned health care system called CIMA that was ranked higher than the United States of America the last time WHO, the World Health Organization, ranked world healthcare by country. 

Costa Rica also boasts the highest literacy rate (95%) against any other Latin American country.  Costa Rica is also home to only 1 of 5 "Blue Zones" which are areas defined by scientific data and studies that verifies a region having the most centurions (people who live to be 100 years or older) in a geographic area. Add Costa Rica as offering one of the most eco-diverse settings in the world with great year round weather and it is not difficult to understand why Costa Rica Real Estate is always in demand.

Numerous celebrities also frequently vacation in Costa Rica or have purchased homes there such as: Mel Gibson, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie (and Brad Pitt), Steven Segal, The Grateful Dead's drummer Mickey Hart, Leonardo Dicaprio, supermodel Gisel Bundchen and actor bobby Phillips are a few names of high profiled celebrities who have interest in Costa Rica.

What about deals?  Costa Rica typically structures property and real estate through corporations.  If a 2 bedroom villa has an appraised market value of $100,000 then it will be structured as a corporation that holds 100 shares.  Each share will equate to $1,000 per share.  Structuring real estate in such a manner saves buyers nearly 13% in taxes, while also allowing for ease of transferability of shares to beneficiaries.

Another deal Costa Rica offers to investors is the fact that property taxes are only .25% per year.  Finally, the best deals in Costa Rica are properties that offer Fractional Ownership because investors and buyers are able to buy real estate at a fraction of the actual value of the property. If a buyer desires to purchase .25% Fractional Ownership of the 2 bedroom villa, then they could buy the property owning 25% equity of the villa and paying only $25,000 if the total value and sales price is $100,000.

Reve Orange is an excellent condo development in Costa Rica's Blue Zone (roughly 1 hour northwest of San Jose), that offers both full and fractional ownership. Reve Orange is a French expression that translates to "Orange Dream" and serves as the essence of an exclusive eco living and luxury condo development located in Playa Naranjo, Costa Rica. Playa Naranjo is known for its extraordinary sunrises and sunsets that emit wild hues of orange and red that cascade across the Gulf of Nicoya over a silhouetted mountain range.

Architecturally designed by a world renowned New York firm, Dataumzero Design Office, Reve Orange uses a modern luxury interior and exterior design offering floating staircases, rooftop Jacuzzis and harmonium bay view windows that comprise of a wall of windows that are able to fold, allowing owners to be more immersed with the raw nature that encompasses the campus of Reve Orange.

Reve Orange offers an exceptional inventory of only 20 condo units and 5 penthouse condo units and has been awarded "One of the Best Eco Living and Luxury Developments in Costa Rica's Blue Zone" by International Real Estate Investments Magazine.

Reve Orange offers invitations to pre qualified investors and buyers to visit Costa Rica for a weekend sales workshop. Accommodations and dining will be provided by Reve Orange's Sales Management Team.  Full refund of airfare will be granted upon reserving a Reve Orange fractional ownership vacation, investment or 2nd home condo unit.

For more information about Costa Rica and Reve Orange please visit

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