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Cathy Skinner Releases Elder Care Canada Resource Guide

Jul 25, 2007

OTTAWA, CANADA -- If you Google "Elder Care" you will see that there are over 583,000 thousand pages indexed. If you Google "Elder Care Canada" over 1,230,000 pages are returned! How is the average person able to wade through that much information to find the resources that they need to know?

That's why we created "The Ultimate Resource Guide For Seniors In Canada". We have identified the issues that are important to our Elders (and their care givers) and organized that information into a comprehensive guide. Most of the "links" that are in this book are connected to live government websites ... meaning that as information is updated ... this book is automatically updated ... it is in fact a "live" resource guide!

Below is the outline of the book:

Chapter 1 - What is Elder Care
Chapter 2 - Physical Health
Chapter 3 - Mental Health
Chapter 4 - Financial Health
Chapter 5 - Seniors Living Conditions 
Chapter 6 - Seniors in Society 
Chapter 7 - Housing Arrangements
Chapter 8 - Elder Abuse
Chapter 9 - Nutritional Supplements for Seniors
Chapter 10 - Seniors Associations Across Canada

The Most Comprehensive Guide For Elder Care In Canada

For more information contact:

Joe Hache - 613-596-5597

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Contact Info
  • Elder Care Canada
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