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Tiger Woods' Golf Mental Secret Revealed

Dec 13, 2007
"This method can be used by any golfer for a better golf game with less practice."

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- A recent article about Tiger Woods revealed his mental game secret that caused Arron Oberholser to describe Tiger's game as having "horrifying precision" after shooting a 28 on East Lake's front nine during the second round of the Tour Championship. 

More surprising is that although Tiger has only recently started using these methods, this secret has been available to golfers of all handicaps for years. 

First, the secret. An exerpt from the article in Golf Digest January 2008. 

As Steve Williams, Tiger's caddie describes it: "I'll tell you 100 percent what happened," says Williams. "Tiger came back from Carnoustie, and instead of spending hours on the practice field, he just tried to picture how he wanted to swing the club. He used what Hank was telling him to do - which he had been having quite a bit of difficulty putting into practice - and went about getting swing thoughts organized and the right mental picture. He came to Firestone having done little actual practice, but from that point on, he had a mental image of himself that he was able to relate to the movement of his body. 

"And each week he played, he got a little bit better right up to the Tour Championship. His rhythm and balance with every club were exceptional, and never changed. In the 10 years I've been with him, it was the best stretch I've ever seen Tiger play." That process was how Woods came closer than he has ever been to "owning" his swing, to borrow the phrase that has been his goal since he began working with Haney in early 2004. 

It's instructive that after Carnoustie, Woods never visited the range for a post-round practice session the rest of the year. In those final five tournaments, he won four and was second in the other. For his part, Woods said he began to find a groove after discovering that playing in the Scottish wind had led him into an old bad habit: leaning back and squatting too much at address. When he started standing taller and more on the balls of his feet, he stopped fighting his release, and his swing began to flow, helping him lose the high-right-shoulder follow-through that sent the ball wide right. Arron Oberholser labeled the onslaught - which reached its climax when Woods shot 28 on East Lake's front nine during the second round of the Tour Championship - "horrifying precision." 

He is also using this new visualization to plan his attack on the golf course... 

(Tiger) "It's weird that it happens so quickly now. If we went through the whole process on one hole, it would sound really complicated. But now, I just understand how to deal with it." 
-Golf Digest January 2008

What Tiger is doing is using a combination of visualization and internal biofeedback to achieve his best results ever with less practice time. But more importantly, this method can be used by any golfer for a better golf game with less practice. 

This is a breakthrough for golfers who are looking for a way to recover when things fall apart on the golf course. With most teaching methods, the golfer must wait until he can get to a mirror, see an instructor or have his or her swing taped to find out what the problem might be.. 

Instead, using their body's own Bio-feedback, golfers can now know instantly what the problem is and correct it before they go to the next shot. Using Tiger's secret can help you to "own" your golf swing to, because it adjusts your swing to better fit your body structure, making it a more natural body movement while adding distance and accuracy with less effort applied to the golf swing. 

Using this method, golfers can also cut back on range time and still get better results with their golf game..
So how do you get Tiger's new secret for yourself? You can find out more about Tiger's new secret by going to 

Incidently, if you have been to the Golf Swing Control website, you'll be glad to know that DVD's for this method have been created and are available for a free preview by going to 

Here's the link for the Golf Digest Article. It's one of the best I've read about Tiger:

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