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The Universal Charger - Revolutionizing the Way You Charge Batteries

Mar 26, 2009

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- Perhaps you haven't exactly been wondering if there was a better way to charge your batteries. However, if you think about it, if you have to carry around separate chargers to charge up your AA and proprietary digital camera batteries, this makes for a lot of wasted space in your traveling bags. Accessory Genie is proud to introduce the Accessory Power "Charge All" Universal Charger--a revolutionary product that maximizes the space savings into an easily portable product that does everything you've ever wanted your battery charger to do.

"I am really proud of the way the 'Charge All' has turned out," said Robert Breines, CEO of Accessory Power. "I believe this is a revolutionary, high-tech product that will really simplify the needs of professional digital photographers. And it is still affordable for environmentally-conscious consumers who have both camera battery and AA charging needs and don't want to carry around separate chargers."

The Universal Charger from Accessory Genie is a powerhouse built into a deceivingly simple design. Just plug in your AA's and then lay the appropriate digital camera plate on top of the device and just watch it go. Within a few hours the "Charge All" will calculate the perfect charge to deliver to your batteries, all the while giving you precise measurements on each battery concerning charging progress.

Once the LCD status display screen says 100 percent, just throw the batteries in your bag and go take some pictures! Or just leave them in the charger for a few days, since the auto-charging cutoff features intuitively know when to stop delivering a charge for maximum battery performance.

And it's not called the "Charge All" for nothing, with over 100 compatible models you can rest assured that almost any possible combination of popular brand name batteries will function. Those wondering what the exact models are, and if their particular camera battery will function, should check out the product details at the Charge ALL product page on Also, the "Charge All" is "universal" in the sense that it is world ready with a flexible volt capacity of 100-240 volts and comes with an AC and DC cord so you can charge your batteries wherever you are.

Accessory Genie ( proudly serves the electronic and electronic accessory needs of customers all over the world. Now offering over 1,700 products, the Accessory Genie staff continues to take pride in minding the needs of each individual customer, personally reviewing every order, shipping on-time, and providing awesome post-sale support. Customers can shop with confidence knowing that there's a proud and knowledgeable staff on the other end working to ensure their satisfaction. Accessory Genie is proud to say, "We put the power in your hands!"

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