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ToysPeriod Announces BrickSpeak, World's First LEGO Brick Speakers

Sep 17, 2009

SAN DIEGO, CA -- BrickSpeak is a combination of innovative materials, artistry and acoustic design. After six months of development, the ToysPeriod engineers have produced a loudspeaker that stands up to audiophile listening scrutiny, as well as appealing to a wide audience of LEGO enthusiasts. Nearly one thousand of the classic Danish toy building bricks are used to assemble each pair of BrickSpeak.

To ensure an optimal stereo listening experience, the sound output of each pair of BrickSpeak is carefully measured and matched to one another. Additionally, the internal and external electrical contact surfaces are plated with gold. ToysPeriod audio engineers researched all of the possibilities to ensure that the speaker would respond to each note with precision.

An important design goal was to build a speaker that would be an appropriate size for compact desktop areas, and still perform well in small room installations.

Another essential goal for the design team was to introduce a product that will provide buyers with a unique conversation piece, room accent, or gift suitable for either corporate or personal occasions.

The extensive assembly work required to build BrickSpeak is performed in the USA.

Further information on BrickSpeak LEGO brick speakers, including photographs, can be viewed online at:

About ToysPeriod

ToysPeriod is an online store offering vintage, rare and custom toys for all ages. The store features quality vintage Lego sets from the 1970s through the present, as well as new, hard-to-find items and model trains.

Ask Toy Tech, the ToysPeriod blog, is a source of information and inspiration for the collector community.

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