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Wooxie: The Future of Social Networking Sites and a Must Use Tool

Jan 11, 2010

CHICAGO, IL -- Social networking sites may be a dime a dozen, but every so often one comes along that promises to really provide its users with great new benefits and functions. Wooxie has done just that, and it's the must use social networking site that's ready to break out and reach the big time.

Wooxie is a social networking website that thrives by providing users with more functionality than ever before. The service offers both macroblogging and microblogging platforms, instead of focusing on just one or the other. With the ability to use both you can connect straight to your existing accounts on Twitter and Facebook. 

That means you can manage your main online social networking presences with one interface. This helps to save time, effort and hassle and will provide users with a great opportunity to expand their reach. Whether you use social networking sites for business promotion or for personal reasons, both can be accomplished using this integrated platform.

Wooxie also provides other benefits to users that have been getting seasoned social networkers excited. Users can earn money directly from their content by tying it to Google Adsense. There is a URL shortening tool that makes it easy to fit those microblogging posts into the short character limits necessary for use on Twitter.

Users can also control the exact kind of content that they see and have ready access to by selecting categories and interests that are the most important to them. In this way, so much of the unnecessary spam and clutter of the Internet is removed instantly, providing a clean and easy to navigate platform.

The news has been starting to spread that Wooxie is one of the social networking sites that is here to say. The service was recently voted as the second best microblogging tool next to Twitter. However, while Wooxie may not be as popular as Twitter yet, it's already known as more functional and diverse in what it provides.

Twitter is a limiting platform where you can only accomplish so much. On Wooxie you can harness the power of Twitter, plus Facebook, while creating an additional unique presence on the web. Businesses can build up links to their websites while earning an extra stream of revenue directly from the site. Individuals will be better able to stay in touch with all of their friends and family, sharing stories, jokes, information, pictures and more in no time at all.

It's only a matter of time before Wooxie overtakes some of the current industry giants. The secret is starting to spread, Wooxie is the hottest new social networking site out there, and it's only going to grow in power and functionality. The time to get a new account is now and then you'll be the "in the know" friend in your group who got all of your other buddies, relatives and colleagues hooked on this great combination microblogging and macroblogging social networking site.

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