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Barablu Announces Free Mobile to Mobile Calls at London Hot Spots

Dec 13, 2007

LONDON, ENGLAND -- Free internet calls via a mobile phone are to be offered at thousands of London 'hot spots'. barablu: Free Mobile Calls is a downloadable software which allows you to talk to other barablu users for free, and includes SMS Messaging, Instant Messenger, Voicemail, Conference Calling, Free Video Calling, plus more products available throughout, worldwide. Instead of being sent over the traditional phone network, calls will go over the internet using the service from barablu.

Experts say the move could be the final nail in the coffin for the traditional network as more calls are made online instead.

'This is really the beginning of the end for traditional phone networks,' said James Beechinor-Collins of T3 magazine.

Internet calls, offered by Tesco and dozens of other providers including Barablu, currently require users to plug a phone handset, or a microphone and headset, into their desktop or laptop computer. However, the new service uses a mobile phone handset that will automatically connect to Barablu's service whenever the user walks near a 'wi-fi' The company uses wi-fi hotspots in bars and cafés, allowing customers to wirelessly connect a computer to the internet.

Three steps to a free phone call:

1. Customers buy a wi-fi phone and sign up for a free account online. When they come within range of a wi-fi hotspot, they are connected to the Barablu web site via their phone

2. When a call is made it is routed via Barablu's server and then the internet to the person being called

3. Calls connect to the PC or phone of the person you are calling. If they are another Barablu user, the call is free. Experts say the success of Barablu, which has more than 1m users worldwide, could see it challenge existing telephone companies.

Because Barablu calls are routed over the internet, anyone with Barablu loaded on to their PC can call another Barablu user anywhere in the world.

Calls made in this way using a handset plugged into the PC are free.

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