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Save Money on Your Destination Wedding using LiveWeddingBroadcast.TV

Jun 13, 2008

DAYTONA BEACH, FL -- Brides and grooms are flocking to sandy beaches and exotic locations in record numbers-much to the dismay of friends and family who can not join them in the nuptial festivities.

According to the Condé Nast Bridal Group, destination weddings have exploded to include 16 percent of all weddings-quadrupling in under a decade. But the problem of disgruntled guests and empty seats has remained steady-up until now.

Live Wedding Broadcast ( has addressed the problem of absent guests at the couple's dream wedding by providing an inexpensive, uncomplicated technological solution: live streaming video of the wedding, during and after the actual ceremony.

"Brides and grooms were disappointed to learn many invited guests couldn't make it to the wedding due to travel costs, health concerns or conflicts. The high cost of traveling is usually the number one reason a guest couldn't attend, often causing the couple to feel guilty for indulging in their dream wedding but non-traditional location," said Brian Pike, the owner and founder of Live Wedding Broadcast.

Founded in May of 2007, Live Wedding Broadcast became the pioneering force in live wedding video streaming. Keeping the technology simple, the real-time video streaming can be used worldwide and by both professionals and amateur videographers.

"The only thing needed is a video camera, a laptop and broadband Internet access," said Pike, "We have even successfully broadcast weddings from remote locations with no Internet access using just a Rev. A cellular broadband card."

Virtual guests are sent an email invitation, explaining the login protocol and reminding them of the date and time. But there is no need to get to the chapel on time. If the guest forgets to watch in real time, the video is available for download moments after the "I Dos" are spoken. It remains in archive for up to 45 days.

In addition to live video streaming, Live Wedding Broadcast also offers:
• Up to 50 virtual guests concurrently
• Complete bridal registry
• On Demand viewing immediately after the wedding
• Online video archiving for 45 days
• Video, audio or text message capability from the guests
• Complete tech support

As easy as checking email at a local Wi-Fi hot spot, Live Wedding Broadcast offers a real-time solution to the problem of absent guests at destination weddings. It also makes great honeymoon viewing for the bride and groom!

If you'd like more information on Live Wedding Broadcast, please call LiveWeddingBroadcast.TV at 888-592-8801 or email

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