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Riverstone Paired with Tungsten Carbide Create the Perfect Wedding Band Rings

Feb 18, 2010
"The three styles of Riverstone tungsten carbide wedding rings feature either verdant green, sparkling earth or golden brown inlays set in a generous 8mm band weighing 15 grams."

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Titanium Kay, one of the most trusted online jewelers has once again created an exclusive design for men's wedding rings with the "Riverstone" tungsten carbide collection. As one of the premier retailers to introduce titanium and tungsten carbide jewelry, these stunning designs are an excellent choice for men who want their wedding ring to reflect their individual style as well as stand the test of time.

"Tungsten carbide and titanium jewelry have become incredibly popular with men for its unsurpassed strength and durability; making it an ideal choice for men's wedding bands. The Riverstone collection is a superb example of natural beauty combined with excellent craftsmanship," said Francis Meyer, the marketing director of Titanium Kay. "With any of our tungsten carbide rings, men can display their fashion sense as well as their personality. This jewelry is able to keep pace with a man's active lifestyle without the limitations or maintenance care of gold or silver."

What better way to pledge your love than with a ring made from a metal that is virtually indestructible? Titanium and tungsten carbide are definitely in a class by themselves: completely different from the metals used in the wedding rings of previous generations. The unparalleled qualities of tungsten carbide is one of the reasons industrial manufacturers have used it for years: it's impervious to damage except by being cut with a diamond or struck by a hammer.

The Riverstone gem is related to the magnificent semi-precious Jasper gemstone which is a member of the Quartz family. This gemstone noted for its soothing properties, is found in a rainbow of hues, accounting for its long history of use in jewelry craft. Matching the incomparable strength of tungsten carbide with the radiant beauty of the Riverstone gem brings a rich, luxurious feel to the wedding band, to add just the right touch of opulence to the moment when marriage vows are exchanged. And with laser engraving, any design selection can be made distinctive with the sentiment that will make a wedding day extraordinary. These rings are available in such a wide array of styles, designs and price points that it makes them truly irresistible.

The three styles of Riverstone tungsten carbide wedding rings feature either verdant green, sparkling earth or golden brown inlays set in a generous 8mm band weighing 15 grams. The intricate, natural quality of the stone is enhanced with beautiful textures that create a fascinating display of shadow and light. These rhodium colored, comfort fit rings have a high polish finish that brilliantly contrasts the Riverstone gem. Together the result is a one-of-kind design that dazzles the eye with its luster to be worn with confidence and pride.

This collection joins several other exclusive jewelry items from some of the world's top designers such as Zoppini, ST Dupont, Nitrogen and Lamborghini. Titanium Kay's outstanding selection includes black zirconium, stainless steel and carbon fiber jewelry with many pieces set with diamonds.

In addition to the Riverstone gem, there are inlaid styles that include silver, palladium, leather, mother-of-pearl, yellow or white gold. The Titanium Kay collection features a multitude of styles to suit every preference; milgrain edged, domed, mesh, ribbed, striped or concaved shaped. This jeweler offers rings with unique design patterns such as ocean swirls, faceted, tiger-skin, satin or wood-grain for heightened sensory and visual interest.

A Riverstone tungsten carbide wedding ring is sure to inspire admiration and turn heads for its fashion-forward statement at your wedding and for years to come. The fact that tungsten carbide is twice as strong as stainless steel and continues to look beautiful as time goes by, makes it the perfect choice for the ring that you will wear every day for the rest of your life.

When you are ready to select the perfect men's wedding ring trust the customer care advisors at Titanium Kay to assist you with every detail to ensure your complete satisfaction. Browse the extensive collection or call us toll-free at1-888-9888-KAY for personalized attention to choose your perfect wedding jewelry and gifts.

About Titanium Kay: One of the first jewelers to embrace the design flexibility of tungsten carbide and titanium for its lustrous shine that rivals that of platinum at a fraction of the price. These two metals have attracted rave reviews from jewelry designers for its adaptability to the most complex styles. The combination of these factors has brought titanium and tungsten carbide to the forefront of the men's jewelry industry. Titanium Kay is proud to offer a diverse selection of the world's finest quality-crafted men's wedding rings, bracelets, chains, earrings and accessories.

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