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Introducing The Microdot Process, Hair Replacement for Thinning Hair

Jul 21, 2008
"Not only will "The Microdot Process?" exactly match the color and texture of your natural hair, it allows you to wash your hair, use a curling iron, blow dryer or even put it in a ponytail!"

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK -- After years of research and testing James Costa, founder of Doncosa Images, has developed the single most effective solution to hair loss ever devised called "The Microdot Process™".

He went beyond the old school technology of hair replacement that was basically covering up your existing hair with glue or weaving methods that can eventually cause Traction Alopecia and make the original hair worse. Doncosa Images Microdot Process™ method of attachment lets your existing hair breathe and continue to grow.

The clients existing hair is mixed with the donor hair that matches your own texture and color from hair we import from around the globe. James discovered that aside from the classic fears of hair replacements looking unnatural or not staying in position, most women did not like the stress of having to place a wig upon their head and reposition it daily. As a result of this study, he developed "The Microdot Process™".
Simply put "The Microdot Process™" is the first and only non surgical hair enhancement that mixes 100% human hair with your existing hair. It's a unique simulation of a micro fine matrix combined with our 100% silky high quality hair that is applied to the strategically placed Microdots that create volume and length never before dreamed possible. 

Utilizing the Microdot Process™ method you will integrate new hair back to the point where you are currently thinning. The result is a subtle restoration of a natural and full head of healthy looking hair, and is perfectly natural in appearance.

Not only will "The Microdot Process™" exactly match the color and texture of your natural hair, it allows you to wash your hair, use a curling iron, blow dryer or even put it in a ponytail!

There are no special restrictions or limitations put on your day-to-day activities. If your like most women, your hair loss probably began to thin after you had a child, took a prescription drug to treat an ailment or damaged your hair with a chemical process such as a perm or relaxer. Some women are afflicted with Trichotillomania a compulsive disorder that causes them to pull out our own hair. And, although your family and close friends probably told you it didn't matter, you really hated losing your hair. After all, it makes you look older before your time.

In today's world, competition is tough in both our business and personal lives. A young appearance is very important. It gives a person the confidence to get out there and win. There's no doubt that hard work and a good personality are keys to success. But, if you look older than your years, you're going to lose that added edge. It's hard to admit, but looking good is a step in the ladder of success.

For many people, the decision to do something about their hair loss is a major psychological step. And often the stumbling block comes in deciding which hair restoration method is best for each individual's personal lifestyle.

Using "The Microdot Process™" there is no risk of looking unnatural or fake looking. Still, of course, you can choose to do nothing at all and continue to lose more hair. It's your own, very personal decision, but it's important to remember that your hair loss could be affecting your own self-confidence and general outlook on life. Today is the day you can stop being a victim of hair loss.

"The Microdot Process™" offers you an effective way to return to your natural good looks. Let "The Microdot Process™ put an end to you looking less than your best. The results will give you the self-confidence of looking and feeling younger.

Call us today for a free consultation 1-800-462-4373 or check us out on the web at Doncosa Images/ The Microdot Process™ has offices in Englewood, NJ and Manhattan, NY.

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